We help leaders to unfold the potential of their businesses by envisioning the future, framing the strategic path and inspiring corporate success. 


How are megatrends and economic shifts affecting your industries and businesses? What is your ambition and role?

We help you reduce complexity and identify key insights that will lead you to the sweet spot for your future growth and success. 

– Insight generation

– Industry shift analysis

– ​​Vision work 


How do you reach your ambitious goals? Where do you get the best leverage effects?

We help you frame the strategic path, leveraging existing competencies and effectively building new ones to swiftly act upon business opportunities.

– Business modelling 

– Story development  

– Offering strategy


What is your next move? How do you manage a successful transformation process?

We help you design the transformation process, building belief within the organisation and empowering people to make the future reality.

– Engagement programmes

– Ideation and prototyping 

– Training and coaching 



Our story

We live in a world of endless opportunities. To spot the relevant ones and understand the patterns of change is the key challenge. Quickly evolving markets leave no time to take a step back and evaluate the alignment of your actions. While you struggle to keep things going, the elaboration of future strategies often remains an unfinished task.

Every organisation has its unique talents and assets. And that is where we source strategic answers, grow motivation and establish corporate success. We believe that people, not plans, make success happen. Helping create a shared understanding of the potential an organisation has and how it contributes to making a difference in the world is what we are passionate about. By clearly framing the strategic path, we support leaders to foster a self-learning organisation where change goes to work and empowerment has a home.

We act as an accelerator and integrator in times where organisations need to move swiftly to seize new business opportunities. What we contribute are resources and profound expertise. We ask the right questions, help shape the strategic path and transform ideas into actions. We work collaboratively, engaging key stakeholders to allow a mutual know-how flow that builds commitment and confidence to face and master the challenges of the future.

About us

Unfold was founded in 2018 by Isabel Cerliani and Katharina Menz. We foster a collaborative way of working, connecting our expertise and professional network with our clients’ businesses and specialists to fuse know-how, creativity and analytical thinking to achieve the best results.

Isabel Cerliani

Strategic thinker with special pattern-mapping abilities. Passionate about overcoming complexity and boiling things down to their essence.  

Background: Business Administration, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland

Swiss/Colombian national;

languages: German, English and Spanish

Core capabilities: Vision work, strategy and brand development, business modelling and shaping offering portfolios

Experience: Over 20 years of experience working for leading companies in Switzerland and abroad. Special know-how in the global industrial supplier and financial services sectors as well as the energy market.

Katharina Menz

Creative thinker with the talent to shape great ideas into feasible moves. Passionate about motivating people to embrace change and bring visions to life.

Background: Law,

University Freiburg i. Br., Germany 

Swiss/German national;

international upbringing; languages: German, English, French and Spanish

Core capabilities: Vision work, marketing and communication strategies, transformation and engagement programmes

Experience: 10 years in leading positions in international organisations and over 20 years in the consulting business. Special know-how in brand management, sales promotion and internal communication.


We cherish confidential and collaborative partnerships with our clients. We have in-depth knowledge about their businesses and people, allowing us to support them in many different ways, be it as a spontaneous sparring partner, an expert member of a strategic venture or a guide in change processes.


We would be happy to arrange direct contact with one of our clients for references.

Contact us


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Seefeldstrasse 223

8008 Zürich

T +41 44 380 46 30